2015 Illinois School Breakfast Challenge

Be rewarded for serving more kids more meals!

As an extra incentive for schools to expand their breakfast programs, Rise & Shine Illinois, the Illinois State Board of Education and the Midwest Dairy Council present the 2015 Illinois School Breakfast Challenge.

How it works:

Eligibility: All Illinois schools currently participating in the School Breakfast Program (SBP) and serving an alternative breakfast model (Breakfast in the Classroom, Grab N Go or Breakfast After the Bell) are eligible to participate. Schools had to participate in the SBP the previous year although they did not have to serve an alternative breakfast model. Up to 20 schools will be accepted into the Challenge on a first-come first-serve basis. From each district, one elementary, one middle and one high school will be eligible to participate.

Challenge Duration: February – May, 2015

Reward: The Challenge will be based on increases in student breakfast participation compared to the Average Daily Participation (ADP) rate of the previous year for the corresponding month.  For each additional meal served above the previous year’s ADP for that  month, the school will receive $.25. The maximum award amount is $5,000 per school.  The total award will be given to schools in the Fall of 2015.

To Enroll:  Sign up HERE! (click the link and then scroll to the bottom of the page for the enrollment form)

Schools entering the Challenge will receive a marketing starter kit including school breakfast flyers, posters and banners to help increase awareness and participation.

Funds earned can be used toward anything related to your breakfast program (except food), such as additional equipment and supplies, POS systems, outreach materials, staff, etc.

The more meals you serve – the more funds you earn – to help you serve more meals, and feed more hungry children.  It’s a positive feedback loop! Enroll in the Challenge today.