Meet the Heroes Feeding Kids in Illinois

For nearly two years, the pandemic has disrupted daily life, taking a toll on the wellbeing of families across the country. As a result, hundreds of thousands of kids could be struggling with hunger, including 1 in 8 in Illinois.

Yet, amidst the crisis, there are reasons for hope – among them, folks all over our state that have worked tirelessly to ensure kids in America have the food they need.

Principals, teachers, bus drivers, school nutrition staff and members of community organizations–amongst others–have banded together and worked tirelessly to feed kids. Even in the face of ever-evolving challenges, these hunger heroes continue to innovate and adapt, connecting kids to the meals they need and ensuring families have access to nutrition assistance government programs like SNAP and P-EBT.

There are thousands of examples we could point to, and while we regret that we can’t list all of them, our gratitude goes out to each and every one.

Please join us in a big round of applause for these 3 heroes and the many others like them:

Megan Gibbons, Valley View SD 365, Bolingbrook/Romeoville, IL
Angel Perry, Prairie Hills SD 144, Markham, IL
Pamela Pansa, Crete-Monee School District 201-U, Crete Monee, IL

During this season of gratitude, we recognize everyone making decisions to ensure meals are out the door and kids have the food they need in times of crisis and not. Join us to support heroes like Meghan, Angel and Pamela helping kids get the meals they need to be their best.