Party and a Breakfast at Michele Clark H.S.

On a typical morning at Michele Clark Academic Prep Magnet High School a flurry of students make their way through the doors to the tune of Prince’s Raspberry Beret to receive a greeting from a school staff member and a breakfast.

“We try to make breakfast exciting so we have music playing every day as students arrive. Each day is a different genre,” said Charles Anderson Jr., Michele Clark Principal.

Michele Clark started Grab ‘N’ Go to the classroom in school year 2017-18. The Grab ‘N’ Go station is set up at the main entrance so students can grab a breakfast and head to class. A hot and a cold breakfast are offered daily. Hot chocolate is served in the winter months with breakfast.

“It’s convenient at the door because a lot of students won’t come to the cafeteria for breakfast,” said Michelle Lowe, Michele Clark Dining Manager.

Grab ‘N’ Go Breakfast at Michele Clark

Staff members stand in a line at the door dressed in the color of the class (Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior) they are assigned to that day to greet them. Anderson views this activity as a way for staff to touch base with students and make them feel welcome. It is also a way for staff to nudge students to grab a breakfast.

Michele Clark students are not only encouraged to eat healthy but to live healthy lifestyles. The high school has a workout room available to students and teachers.

“We push our students to eat healthy in a fun way so it doesn’t feel like they are pressured,” said Anderson.