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Success Stories

Party and a Breakfast at Michele Clark H.S.

“We push our students to eat healthy in a fun way so it doesn’t feel like they are pressured,” said Principal Anderson.

Nudges In Perspective

Perspectives Charter Schools increased breakfast participation from 55% to 85% after implementing a Grab ‘N’ Go to the Classroom with the help of teachers, principles and counselors nudging students to grab breakfast in the mornings.

A Second Chance For Breakfast

While keeping its traditional cafeteria breakfast program, Elmwood Park implemented a Second Chance Breakfast program in the middle and high school in the 2017-18 school year.

Breakfast After the Bell: Abbott Just Does It

“Our school is not required under the law to offer Breakfast After the Bell, we just do it,” said Miguel Medel, Foodservice Manager at Abbott Middle School in Elgin School District U-46.

Breakfast After the Bell: Meeting Needs at Instituto

“We have been doing Breakfast After the Bell since before it was hip,” chuckled Kasia Sanchez, Director of the President’s Office at Instituto Health Sciences Career Academy.

Breakfast After the Bell: Like Clockwork

Lt. Governor Evelyn Sanguinetti, Illinois Commission to End Hunger, and the Rise & Shine Team sat down with Berwyn North School District 98 Officials for a Q&A on Lincoln Middle School’s Grab ‘N’ Go program.

Doing What’s Best For Students

When talking to school stakeholders about implementing Breakfast After the Bell, “we led with our district mantra: it is what’s best for our students and with that everyone got on-board,” said Dan Oberg, Director of Business Services for Wheeling Community Consolidated School District 21.