5 Things You Can Do to Spread the Word About Summer Meals

Sun’s out, school’s over, and it’s time to double down on getting food to our communities! During the academic year school meals are the most reliable and nutritious source of food for at-risk students, but summer meals are also critical to curbing child hunger. Though we may be able to enjoy warmer weather and fewer responsibilities, hunger doesn’t take a vacation. Here are 5 simple things you can do to make sure your summer feeding program is reaching as many families as possible!

Post on parent Facebook groups.
Utilize your district or town’s parent Facebook groups to spread the word to parents who may be more difficult to reach otherwise. Keep your posting clear, concise, and colorful so it’s hard to miss! Having trouble finding these groups? Reach out to some of your trusted parents and ask them to post on your behalf.

Send flyers home in student’s grab ‘n go bags.
If you are currently sending breakfast or lunch packs home with students at the end of the day or with curbside grab’n’go meals, stuff a simple flyer in the bag so when it is unpacked at home, parents won’t miss it. Make sure to do this before school gets out so families know meals are available during the summer months.

Update your marquee or digital sign.
Hundreds of cars drive by your location every day. Be loud and proud about your summer feeding program on these hard-to-miss boards to really get the community talking!

Explore contributing an ad to your local radio stations.
Many local stations offer inexpensive or even free radio ads to local organizations. Get in touch with local news sources and request to contribute a 30 second ad to spread the word about your summer meal program.

Invest time into translating marketing to other common languages.
Is there a large population of students in your district that speak another language at home? Make it easier for parents to learn about your summer feeding program by sharing information in the languages they are most comfortable with.

For more help marketing and expanding your organization’s summer feeding program, contact us at riseandshineillinois@gcfd.org.