the need
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Children who regularly eat school breakfast score 17.5% higher on standardized math tests.1
Yet many children come to school hungry. 73% of teachers & principals see children who regularly come to school hungry.2
Breakfast is available for every public school in Illinois, Fully funded through the federal government.4
but unless you ask for it, you don’t get it. In 2013, there were 449,000 children eligible for free or reduced-price school breakfasts that do not receive them in Illinois.3
the solution

Ask for your school breakfast.

You can help a hungry child get the breakfast they need. All it takes to start the process is asking for it. So do your part and make a request today. Take action.>>

Alternative breakfast models

Schools are required to offer the breakfast near the beginning of the school day, and must allow sufficient time for the meal to be served and eaten. Many schools offer breakfast in the cafeteria before school begins. However, other methods can reduce barriers to participation and remove the social stigma associated with the program.

Grab n goChildren receive breakfasts before classes start in hallways or other high-traffic areas. Grab n’ Go is popular among middle schools and high schools.
in the classroomBreakfast is offered in the classroom during the first few minutes of the day when activities are occurring such as taking attendance, children turning in homework, or morning announcements. Breakfast in the Classroom is one of the most effective ways to ensure that all children have access to breakfast.
Second chanceChildren receive breakfast later in the morning, during recess or a snack/brunch Break.
if needed, we'll help provide bridge grants
While the food for the School Breakfast Program is free, there are still costs associated with delivering that food to children. Schools need equipment and supplies like insulated bags, Grab N Go carts and trash cans to make this program work. Luckily, Rise & Shine Illinois offers grants to cover these extra costs.  Learn more>>