Welcome to Rise & Shine Illinois.

The fact that you’re here tells us you’re a concerned parent, administrator, or community member, which is good because we need your help to provide food for students. Read on to learn more about school breakfast and how you can help. Click here to request breakfast for your school. UPDATE (6/2/16): SB2393, which would expand breakfast for 175,000 low-income Illinois students, has passed the Illinois Senate and House unanimously! Share your support of breakfast with Governor Rauner.

For more information on summer meals, click here.

For more information on after-school meals, click here.

It’s our mission to connect hungry students to breakfast. But we need you to take the first step. It’s easy. Simply make a request for breakfast to be served in your school. That’s all it takes to get the ball rolling on behalf of hungry students in your school. So what are you waiting for? Help them Rise & Shine!


Hunger Makes After-School and Summer Harder Too.

When the school bell rings at the end of the day or at the end of the year, children who rely on school breakfast and lunch are faced with a challenge: where they will get their next meal.  Rise & Shine Illinois can help with that too.  Visit our Summer and At-Risk After-School Meals program pages to learn how you can get involved.